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After following up a couple of possibilities I’ve decided to go and work with New Bamboo for the week to see what value I can add as a Business Analyst. I’m looking forward to working in a very fast-paced agile environment – somewhat different to the projects I’ve been on recently and I’ll report back what I’ve learned.

It’s been extremely interesting talking to the guys at GoSquaredWikiJob and Pusher and getting an insight into what their priorities are and how they work.

Original post:

Calling all London-based Charities, Green or Social enterprises, Web agencies and Ruby-on-Rails development houses, I have a question for you:

If you had access to skilled analyst for a whole week and it cost you nothing, how would you use them?

I’m leaving my current Consultancy job and have taken some time off before starting my new position. In the first week of August (1st-5th) I’m looking to have some new experiences with an interesting organisation and I’m very much open to suggestions.

So what can I offer?

I’m a Generally Clever Chap – I’m all about dealing with complexity and solving hard problems.

I’m a Business Analyst – I can help you understand and record how your organisation actually operates at the moment and what you need out of your IT.

I speak HTML and CSS – the language of the web. I understand how websites should be built and what goes on in the mind of Google.

I’m a (slightly rusty) Ruby-on-Rails developer (check out Swing Out London. Code is on github)

My current job has been all about getting up to speed quickly with new projects, so I’m confident I’ll be able to deliver value to your organisation in a short period of time.

So what are you waiting for?

Maybe you have a small speculative project I can work on: something that you wouldn’t normally be able to spare the time or money to do. Maybe your website needs sprucing up. Think of me as an extremely capable intern who can hit the ground running.

What have you got to lose? Get in touch ASAP!

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Hi Dexter – thanks for the interest.

If you mean writing articles on my blog promoting your site, then definitely not. What did you have in mind?

Also, it’s not clear from your website what Kwikdocs is all about… What’s your USP?


Hi Duncan,

Aside from working with the guys at New Bamboo, we are revolutionising the way the world learns.
Rails is helping to make our ideas a reality. If you are interested drop me and e-mail and I would love to tell you more.



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